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Reduce the Risk of Autism During Pregnancy

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Researchers recently studied the incidence of autism and the interpregnancy interval, the time interval between pregnancies. Using the birth records from 1996 to 2002, birth intervals of < 12 months, 12-23 and 24-35 months were evaluated.  What they found was quite amazing.

Interpreganancy intervals less than 24 months were associated with an increased incidence of autism by 3.39 times.  That’s quite a large increase. What could be the reason?

When looking at the nutritional status of mothers post pregnancy, there are significant drops in maternal levels of iron, folate and omega 3 oils since all these nutrients are used for the growing fetus during the third trimester and producing breast milk.

All of these nutrients have been shown to be vital in neonatal brain development.  Should a mother get pregnant without restoring the supply of these nutrients, the new developing child is now at risk of having low supplies and thus the increase risk in autism.

We have plenty of research that shows folate is important for preventing neural tube defects, now we have a list of at least three nutrients that can reduce the incidence of autism if taken appropriately.

This research also shows that mothers are in need of increased nutrients post pregnancy. Part of my well child exams is also discussing with the new mothers how important it is to take care of themselves as well.

There are three key products I recommend for any soon to be mother, pregnant women or a post pregnancy mother; Opti-Natals, Ultra Pure Fish Oil and Maximum GI Health. Each of the products have been shown clinically to supply the needed nutrients, particularly in folate, iron and omega 3 oils, as well as other nutrients shown to reduce the incidence of a multitude of diseases such as Group B Strep, asthma, allergies to name a few. Not to mention the iron is non-constipating, which is always a side effect of many of the prenatal multivitamins.

You can check out my Ultimate Pregnancy Support Pack which provides a large discount when all three are purchased together (You can watch my video on the three products below).  I’ve placed all my sisters, cousins, aunts and all the friends I can on these products to help ensure a good and healthy pregnancy. I truly believe they are one way to drastically improve the health of not only your new little child, but yourself as well.

Here are the recommended dosages of the nutrients I feel every soon to be mother, pregnant and post pregnancy women should be on. Please take a look at the products you are using and make sure they match up.

Folate: 800 mcg

Iron: 30-50mg

Vitamin C: 1000mg

Calcium: 1000mg

Omega 3 oils: Minimum of 1000mg Omega 3 oils daily, please make sure they have a guarantee to be free of pesticides and heavy metals

Comprehensive probiotic: at least 5 strains with a total of 10 billion Colony Forming Units

Any questions please feel free to let me know.




Closely Spaced Pregnancies Are Associated With Increased Odds of Autism in California Sibling Birth Pediatrics. Feb 2011; 127(2): 246–253.

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